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Tee’ED OFF Golf and Performance

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Tee'ED OFF Golf and Performance stands out as the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts in Cape Girardeau County, and beyond, offering a comprehensive and immersive golf experience. As a local, family and veteran-owned business, we're dedicated to providing a fun, welcoming, and educational environment where golfers of all skill levels can thrive. Our facility boasts an indoor golf course featuring a state-of-the-art simulator and virtual courses, allowing you to play or practice regardless of the weather. But we don't just stop at offering a place to play. We're also committed to helping you improve your game. That’s why we use cutting-edge technology to conduct in-depth and personalized golf performance assessments. Based on these evaluations, we then supply you with customized training aimed at boosting your skills and advancing your golfing abilities. Now, let’s talk gear! We also have a Golf Pro shop and retail area which is stocked with a wide selection of quality golf essentials, stylish apparel, and golfing equipment to meet your every golfing need. In addition, our custom club fittings, club builds, and repair services will ensure that your gear is precisely adjusted for optimal performance. No clubs of your own? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our convenient club rental services. At Tee'ED OFF Golf and Performance, we're more than just a golf facility—we're a vibrant community passionate about supporting and improving your golfing experience. Come join us today and take your game to new heights!

Our Story

Nestled in the vibrant community of Jackson, MO, serving Cape Girardeau County and beyond, Tee'ED OFF Golf and Performance stands as a testament to the spirit of golf and the pursuit of excellence. Founded by Scotty Migét, a proud Air Force veteran with a decorated 20-year service history, our establishment is far more than a mere golf center —it’s the embodiment of a dream to provide a place where the delight of golf and the journey of personal improvement are offered to everyone.

At the heart of Tee'ED OFF Golf and Performance is the intense passion for golf and the dedicated spirit of mentorship that Scotty Migét brings to the fore. His leadership is fueled by the courage he displayed as a veteran, his profound love for the game, his unwavering commitment to family and the community, and a sincere ambition to witness the success of others. With a solid academic foundation that includes a Master's in Athletic Development Management and distinguished credentials such as TPI Certifications and a Mitchell Golf Master Certification, Scotty's perpetual drive for excellence shines through. His dedication to expanding his golf knowledge and honing his skill in the sport is at the core of his vision, encouraging "Golf Beyond Limits and Boundaries."

At Tee'ED Off Golf and Performance, our mission is both straightforward and profound—we strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment where golfers of all levels can refine their skills and elevate their game with the help of advanced technology. Whether you’re are a beginner or an experienced golfer, we offer innovative technology to aid in learning and improvement. Our approach is all-encompassing, with a focus on MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, and DEVELOPMENT for athletes at every stage, ensuring they reach their peak performance capabilities.

Beyond the fairways, our vision is to serve as leaders in the advocacy and education of golf. We are dedicated to continual learning and achieving certifications that allow us to offer performance-enhancing methodologies that truly make an impact. The pillars upon which Tee'ED Off stands are our core values:

1. PEOPLE: We are committed to nurturing a community where individuals with a shared enthusiasm for golf can come together to enjoy the game and pursue their personal best.

2. PASSION: Our aim is to infuse our profound love for golf and self-betterment into every facet of our center and extend that passion into our local community.

3. PURPOSE: Our dedication lies in offering coaching, mentoring, and training, equipping our clients with the necessary tools to conquer the challenges presented by golf and other athletic endeavors.

At Tee’ED OFF, we embrace a philosophy that goes beyond simply amassing knowledge, visiting esteemed locations, or collecting material possessions. Echoing the sentiments of Tony Robbins, we believe that true success is an ongoing process of personal development, coupled with the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This fundamental ideal is interwoven into every aspect of what we do, influencing every interaction, each lesson we conduct, every swing we analyze, and in each custom-fitted club we craft.

Step into Tee’ED OFF Golf and Performance and let your golfing journey evolve. Whether you're looking to refine your swing, have some fun with friends, or upgrade your equipment, we invite you to experience the fusion of technology, expertise, and camaraderie that defines us.

Come be a part of the experience today at Tee'ED OFF Golf and Performance, where the paths of golfing excellence and personal growth intersect. Here, you'll build enduring connections and set forth on a journey to discover your fullest potential, both on the green and beyond. We’re conveniently located at 121 W. Main Street in Jackson, Missouri; or you can reach us by phone at (573) 204-3302. We look forward to welcoming you and making every experience with us a hole in one.

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Jackson, MO | Advance, MO | Benton, MO | Bloomfield, MO | Cape Giradeau, MO | Chaffee, MO | Charleston, MO | Fredericktown, MO | Marble Hill, MO | Oran, MO | Perryville, MO | Scott City, MO | Carbondale, IL | Anna, IL | Jonesboro, IL | Mound City, IL | Cairo, IL | Murphysboro, IL | Chester, IL

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On 4/18/2024 deanna endebrock had this to say:
This place was a blast! We took our youth group here for a fun night and they were very accommodating and thoughtful. Their trainer was there to help us with the simulator and was ver kind and patient with the kids.

On 4/12/2024 Jeffrey S. had this to say:
Great owners and great staff. Truly there to help you, whether to improve your game or your gear!

On 3/28/2024 Dylan McMinn had this to say:
Great place. Very friendly staff.

On 3/22/2024 Brett M. had this to say:
Awesome experience! The simulator is phenomenal and the staff is top notch. The apparel, accessories, and equipment choices are great!! Would highly recommend!!

On 3/21/2024 Tara J. had this to say:
What an awesome place! They have virtual golf, golf performance training, a golf shop, club rentals and club repair. I would say the best part though is the owners and staff. They are so attentive to each customer and you can literally feel how passionate the owner ,Scotty, is about what he does. Oh, and he is also a veteran. I am more than happy to support this small business and highly recommend that others stop by as well.

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Tee’ED OFF Golf and Performance
121 W Main St Jackson, MO 63755
Phone: (573) 204-3302

Located across from City Hall

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